Google My Business Heatmap PDF & Interactive Map


The GMB heatmap shows the rankings of you and your competitors at various physical points over your chosen geographical area. Green dots indicate ranking in 1st-3rd place (business appears in the local map pack box at the top of Google's search results page). Yellow, orange, and red dots on the map indicate a ranking from 4th - 20th+ meaning the business is not visible on Google's search results page when the chosen keyword is searched from that physical geographic area.

You will receive 1 x PDF using your requested parameters.

Click here to see an example of a heatmap PDF.

You will also receive a link to an interactive version of the heatmap, allowing you to

  • Toggle between views of your and your top 20 competitors' heatmaps (click on the hotspots or use the dropdown competitors list in the top right corner)
  • Zoom in, out, and scroll your way around the map
  • View the order of the top 20 companies for each of the individual heatmap hotspots
  • View the latitude and longitude for each of the individual heatmap hotspots (to use for geo-tagging photos)
  • Sort the data for your and your competitors' GMB ranking averages by Top 20, Average, North West, North East, South West, South East
  • Toggle between map and satellite view

Click here to see an example of an interactive heatmap.

You will receive an email containing the PDF and the link to your custom interactive map within 1-2 business days.